The Stowmarket Mystery

Louis Tracy

Reginald Brett, barrister-detective, twisted round in his easy-chair to permit the light to fall clearly on the card handed to him by his man-servant. “What does Mr. David Hume look like, Smith?” he asked. “A gentleman, sir.” Well-trained servants never make a mistake when they give such a description of a visitor. Brett was satisfied. “Produce him.” Then he examined the card. “It is odd,” he thought. “Mr. David Hume gives no address, and writes his own cards. I like his signature, too. Now, I wonder—

Journalist then profligate novelist, Louis Tracy (1863-1928) has written stories of future wars, adventures novels and, above all, crime fiction, the mystery and thriller genres becoming finally the prominent features of his litterary career. Louis Tracy probably is one of the ‘best kept secrets’ of the British detective litterature, and the time has come to rediscover the investigations of brilliant sollicitor Reginald Brett, in a novel of 1903.

Foreword by Jean-Daniel Brèque