Twenty-Five Sanitary Inspectors (hardcover)

Roger East

“What sort of a commission? I can’t say I’ll under­take anything till I know what it is, can I?” “No, no. That is clear. It is some detective work. It is—” “I happen to have retired, and at the moment I’m busy.” “Ah, but let me explain. It is urgent. You—” But whatever the stout superintendent was to see was not to be revealed on that occasion, for Simmonds was already on his way back to his packing.

There’s trouble brewing in the island of San Rocco: someone is sabotaging the Acropolis Theatre, the marvelous and luxuous ressort of this charming and exotic republic. But Mr. Zaragoza isn’t a man not to act: he brings back an ex-Superintendent of Scotland Yard, Simmonds, with a mission. To stop the problems—and perhaps, to bring a bit of good Scotland Yard efficiency to the island.

Twenty-Five Sanitary Inspectors was originally published in 1935.