Laurent Queyssi

Couverture par Greg Vezon

1993 : A-Levels for Allison. She’s eager to leave her dull little town. Fortunately for her, there’s music. There’s the band in which she plays bass guitar, Sugarmaim, but there’s also all the bands she listens to: Ride, Pixies, Sonic Youth, Slowdive, Pavement.

And the band which literally made her fly on a cold winter morning: My Bloody Valentine. “Loveless” was pouring from her headphones when her feet lifted from the ground. Just like that.

She levitates. And when it repeats, Allison starts worrying. Why is she carried away by music like that? Is she sick? Did she inherit the strange power of her father, who went missing when she was a kid? To discover the truth, she will have to lose herself in a British concert hall, looking for a writer whose main character also levitates to music.

Is she going to lose herself… and find herself back?