Cthulhu !

Patrick Marcel

Couverture par Melchior Ascaride

Cthulhu is a name you whisper in some obscure yet reprinted chronicles. It is revered by bloody and secretive sects, is chanted by rare and scared chosen ones, yelled by doomed and frightened witnesses. Dreaded god and demon, great harbinger of the renewal of an ancient order of the world, otherworldly titan, final invader who even corrupts dreams… With is brief appearance in 1925, Cthulhu is a stepping stone: man realizes its weakness against the universe, its frailty on a planet he thought he was the master of. By chance or necessity, Cthulhu has become the fulcrum for a radical and global upheaval, a token of the passing of myths into reality, of the transition from a Newtonian world to an Einsteinian world, of the constant struggle of superstition against scientific thought, from a globalizing, grounding thought to doubt and relativity.

The true cosmos, energy in all of its state, even matter -- in short, everything we know --, has a shape and a nature which is fundamentally impossible to comprehend with a human brain. And the more we learn about this organ, the more we discover this as a fact.

This book deals with the gradual discovery of other beings that was made by mankind, and of the realization of this by the scientific community -- in particular, the pioneering Miskatonic University (Arkham, Massachusetts). This is seen using HP Lovecraft’s words, but also Robert Howard’s, Frank B. Long’s, Fritz Leiber’s, K.E. Wagner’s and Robert Bloch’s. This essay also explains why reading the Necronomicon turns you insane, how “magic” works, why witches fear the Cross, how our planet was colonized, why universal geniuses disappear, and solves many other unanswered questions.
broché Couverture vert foncé et vert fluo, avec gaufrage "verrues" sur premier et quatrième plat. Cahier couleur en fin de volume.