Souls Afloat - Pax Germanica, 01 (Les Âmes Envolées - Pax Germanica, 01)

Nicolas Le Breton

Couverture par Melchior Ascaride

1912. Cars have never been invented. You move around the world aboard balloons, zeppelins and other airships. Mr Louis Lépine, prefect of the Seine area, father of the famous invention contest, gets into a weird case. Dead bodies come to life and abduct ladies and sirs, either the beautiful ones or the well-read ones. Strange engines start blowing fire and ice. Mix that with a pinch of crazy automatons and of haunted clockwork. Add a dab of scheming (this should shed a dire light on the secret motivation for World War I).

In a race from Paris to the Indies, from the Himalayas to the battlefields in Ypres, Souls Afloat has the swing of a fiery jazz, the madness of a zeppelin’s deck during a storm.