Hearts Unbound - Pax Germanica, 02 (Coeurs enchaînés - Pax Germanica, 02)

Nicolas Le Breton

Couverture par Melchior Ascaride

1925. In this world where cars are to be invented, the Objective Alliance’s zeppelins reign and spread terror among the masses.

As autocracies prevail, the Fin’Amor airship roams the skies, always on the lam. If you happened to be on board, you would meet: Léontine de Laroche, an elite airship pilot; her friend (and stateless spy) Adélaïde de Cointet; Lawrence of Arabia; Aleister Crowley, the mystic; Winston Churchill; and the raging Captain Armand de Bricqueville. All of them are caught in the wake of this History that could have been, this world where all old supremacies have been overthrown, all certainties torn apart.

Will the crew become a symbol of resistance against oppression? And what of the eerie evil which moves its pawns from the shadows? Will it have the last word over the fate of mankind?

From the peaceful shores of the Mediterranean sea to a China ablaze with civil war; from Egypt to the decadent city which floats over Berlin, Hearts Unbound is the sequel (and conclusion) to Souls Afloat, and gives the best of steampunk.