Holmes in Hell (Sherlock Holmes aux Enfers)

Nicolas Le Breton

Couverture par Melchior Ascaride

Even in Hell, murders happen.

Someone has killed, where none should die. A damned soul has eloped from the eternal torment. Alone, Sherlock Holmes will solve this gruesome case.

How will the master of logic crack the case in this kingdom of the absurd, this theater full of masks, smoke and mirrors? Along with an unexpected Watson, the investigator from Baker Street dives deep into wit’s end, deep into the psyche of men… and of demons as well. He struggles to save himself and his companions, to the risk of losing himself: it is said none shall escape Hell, except if one shares the dead men’s meal.

In this occult thriller, the great investigator faces the terror of the Key of Solomon and of the Infernal Dictionary. Appearances deceive reason, intellect is shrouded, and from the chaos seeps a very, very disturbing truth...