A Sliver of Frost (Un éclat de givre)

Estelle Faye

Couverture par Aurélien Police

A century after the Apocalypse. Earth is a barren desert where only a few capitals have survived. Like Paris.

Paris has become a monster of a city. Overcrowded, prolific, smothering, weird and dreamlike. It has become a maze where new freak shows neighbor the buildings of the Old World, a glamour where half-sirens swim in the Molitor swimming pool, where the gardens eat the careless stroller, where, when summer hits, the dead crickets sing again. Where Chet lives. Chet, twenty three, sings jazz in basements, has way too many crappy flings; he also ignores the law when jobs are involved, in order to make ends meet.

When a handsome guy with golden eyes gives him a well-paid mission, he hardly hesitates. However, this new quest of his will tie him to the fate of the city.