Death upon the Winners (Malheur aux gagnants)

Julien Caldironi

Couverture par Melchior Ascaride

Paris, 1935.

The two latest winners of the National Lottery wind up dead in strange circumstances. The police think it is an unfortunate coincidence. The colonel Picot does not. He is the president of the Association for the Facially Disfigured, sells tickets and handles the draws. Picot asks three disfigured veterans to solve the case. From Montmartre to Barbès to La Villette’s slaughterhouses, Gendrot, Piquemouche and Fend-la-gueule scour the capital - every nook and cranny - looking for the assassins.

The three detectives have no idea what nest of vipers they are going to unsettle. Spies, experts in algebra… Will they manage to emerge unscathed from the hazards of the Random?