Stonesplit (Pierre-Fendre)

Brice Tarvel

Couverture par Melchior Ascaride

This cursed castle… You don’t go in, nor you can go out. You are born in it, you live in it, and shall die inside.

This tiny world is walled with impassable walls, covered with a thick gloom. Some feel this is a cosy little nest, while others rage about living in a prison. Like Dulvan and his friend Garihorn. Even though they do not know what the outside world is made of, they dream about piercing the secrets of it, and wish for a completely different existence. To do so, they would need to bring the mighty walls down, which means go into the domain room of the everlasting winter, in order to pull the Dreamer from her slumber. If one believes the tales, the mysterious sleeping lady should be a goddess whose oneiric musings made the castle and its content real. Could that be true?

Unable to bear the potential loss of her brother, Aurjance leaves her beloved domain room of spring, to chase her brother. Murgosh, the disreputable witch, does not intend to let two jackanapes swindle her.