In hope for the Sun (Espérer le soleil)

Nelly Chadour

Couverture par Melchior Ascaride

The great Black Plague. The Great Fire. The Blitzkrieg and its nazis. Staline’s bombings… London knows how to survive tragedy.

In 1951, remote in the frozen wastes and the nuclear night, the old city and its inhabitants try to live as they have always lived. Despite the radiations, the Night Prowlers, and themselves.When kids from the poor districts are abducted by a strange being with blazing eyes, some fates intertwine: Vassilissa, a Russian vampire who must hunt her own kind, obeying to the British authorities; Satinder, a young Sikh girl who could not prevent her little brothers to be abducted; Jaime, former Spanish resistant, now a kingpin of organized crime; and Gwen, a beautiful heiress whose sorrow has scarred body and soul. Meanwhile, Arthur Smithy, the American photograph, witnesses riots and rebellions from this people whose impossible dream is only to see the sun one last time.