Manesh - Paths to the Spheres, 01 (Manesh - Les Sentiers des Astres, 01)

Stefan Platteau

Couverture par Melchior Ascaride

Somewhere in the northern forest of the Vyanthryr, Captain Rana’s scows sail back up the river, to the sacred springs where the Tell-king dwells. He is the oracle whose knowledge could change the course of the civil war.

On the ship, a handful of warriors are ready to give all they can to save their country. Who, among them, knows the true purpose of the ship’s captain? Even his most trusted advisor, the Bard, has not seen through his soul. And when the sailors pick up a floating half-drowned man, far far away from any human settlement, new mysteries rise. Is he a potential threat, or the formidable ally who could save their expedition from a dire end?

Manesh is an intimist and a bit cruel tale, a story without a hero, in the style of Robin Hobb and Robert Holdstock.