Devourer & The Horned King (Dévoreur & Le Roi Cornu)

Stefan Platteau

Couverture par Melchior Ascaride

Are we toys of the celestial bodies? What do they awaken within us, that moves us, that drives us to take action in ways unknown to ourselves?

On top of Vidal the donkey keeper’s house, a planet is shining too strong. This otherwise peaceful man’s demeanour shows it. His friend, Dawn, is witness to his transformation. Will she be able to pull him from this nefarious influence, or will she have to wait the intervention of Peyr Romo, the Sorcerer of the Sulfur Mountains? In the Pelagis Valley, old instincts awaken, ready to consume all humanity in the heart of the people.

Dive deep into the soul of a monster, in a tale from Paths to the Spheres.