The Famous (Le Club)

Michel Pagel

Couverture par Melchior Ascaride

They had been five and famous.

Julian, George, Dick, Anne and Dagobert. Four kids and a dog. They were Famous and lived a thousand extraordinary adventures. Thirty years later, the dog has been dead for a long time when three members of the Famous, now all grown up, torn apart by life, are invited by the fourth at the very place they used to spend their childhood holidays. Soon, despite the house being covered in snow, George’s mother is murdered. Is Dick guilty? That’s Julian’s idea, at least. Is there an assassin hidden in the frozen surroundings? Why does George often go to a strange shore, where she meets kids and a dog which look awfully like her and her cousins?

This breath-taking adventure, this fable about our childhood dreamworld, fears and doubts, unravels like a thriller.

NOTE: translation already done, by Brian Stableford